Caution: sysadmin and programming skills required.

For the development environment we simplified the install process tremendously using vargrant, whose tagline, is afterall development environments made easy. To get started you'll need to install both Vagrant and Virtual Box. Vagrant also works with VMWare, Docker, AWS and many other providers.The install process once you've got vagrant ready to go is pretty straightforward.

  1. Install NFS plugin.
  2. Clone the repo.
  3. Setup etc/hosts
  4. Run vagrant up

The process is straightforward, but results are not always simple to achieve. is a sophisticated financial framework, and any toubleshooting requires experience with:

  • system administration
  • frameworks (especially Symfony)
  • database-driven web applications (wealthbot currently uses MongoDB and MySQL, but is built to be DB agnostic).

For example, we've run into vagrant authentication issues during install due to vagrant issue #5219. The current solution is to ssh into your virtual machine and manually paste this public key in /home/vagrant/.ssh/authorized_keys

If that made solution made sense to you, you're ready to work with

wealthbotrepositoryDownload the source code.